Terry and Gaynor

Terry & Gaynor have been married for 45 years and have two children; Christine and John. They own a property as beneficial joint tenants and each have investments totalling £180,000 with their financial planner. They have a simple Will leaving everything to each other with gift over to the children. Terry was the primary carer […]

John and Jill

John and Jill have three adult children; Leo, Joey and Charlie. Leo is recently separated and is starting the divorce process. He is living in rented accommodation and is planning to purchase a property again once the divorce is finalised. Charlie is severely disabled and lives in full-time care overseen by the social services. John […]


Frank had always assumed that he’d be able to look after the finances of his frail mother, Grace, if she became unable to do so herself. However, Grace has been deemed to be mentally incapable and, therefore, a Lasting Power of Attorney could not be sought. Frank had to apply to the Office of the […]

Jane and Neil

Jane and Neil have been teaching for a combined 35 years. Jane is due to retire soon and has been looking to get her affairs in order. Jane and Neil have one adult son, Gethin, who still lives at home. Gethin has Special Educational Needs (SEN) and does not work. Jane is concerned that Gethin […]

Sarah and Paul

Sarah and Paul are expecting their first child together. Paul has a daughter aged 17 from a previous marriage. Paul and Sarah own several properties, individually, which are rented out to tenants. They were looking to re-mortgage one of their properties to release capital in order to help with the refurbishment of their family home […]

Ryan and Nellie

Ryan is divorced but has recently become engaged to Nellie. Ryan has three sons aged 17, 15 and 9 from his previous marriage. Nellie has a daughter aged 16 from a previous relationship. Ryan and Nellie recently purchased a property together. They do not have a Will in place but it is something they have […]