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Kingsman Associates will help ensure your chosen charities can benefit from your will.

Leaving a legacy to charity can help reduce your Inheritance Tax Liability which means more can go to your loved one’s and your favourite charity with less going to the state.

If you own assets over £300,000 then the taxman takes 40% of everything over this amount. That’s nearly half!  Leaving a legacy to your favourite charity can help reduce your tax liability.

It is possible to leave many things to charity in your will, not just money. You may own some special paintings, musical instruments, antique furniture, classic cars, comic collections, stamp collections, just about anything and everything as long as its worth something to the charity or useful to them in one way or another.  If you are unsure what you can leave your favourite charity just contact them and ask what you can do to help.

Remember a Charity in your Will and they will remember you.

We are pleased to support St Davids Foundation Hospice Care's 'Make A Will' campaign. For more information on the St David's Foundation, please click on the link below.

St David's Foundation Hospice Care


St Davids Foundation Hospice Care



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